more watercolours [31]

We are defenitely in love with watercolour illustrations this year. We found another talented girl on Etsy. Her name is Cate Parr. She is a fashion illustrator born and educated in  England. Currently living in LA. Working for clients such as Random House NY, The Washiongton Post, The Los Angeles Times,  L’Avion and Material girl cosmetics. Cate ParrHer paintings showing above are inspired and based on a photo from one of her favourite photographers Ellen Von Unwerth. Which reminds me, Mrs. Jess, that I own a print made by Ellen von Unwerth as well. I will look it up and post it soon.Cate Parr

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1 Response to more watercolours [31]

  1. LeBlogDuSpectateurSentimentale says:

    beautiful. ellen von unwerth and helmut newton – that je ne sais-quoi…

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