Anne Siems [30]

Wow, her paintings are absolutely amazing. I love how accurate, detailed and yet blurry her paintings are. They show a nice mysterious twist. Fragile but powerfull. I also like the way she adds embroidery. For me that just finishes the paintings perfectly.  Take a visit to her site it’s definitely worth the extra clicks to see her beautiful painted world. To bad I do not live in the US or Canada. – Mrs. JessAnne SiemsLynx Cap/Antler girl/Wolf Girl

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2 Responses to Anne Siems [30]

  1. oooooh jij ligt ook weer veel te laat in bed. Maar dit zijn mooie plaatjes om mee naar bed te nemen…beter als het journaal nog ff kijken haha slaap lekker

  2. jessica says:

    Welterusten…ik ga ook nu. xx

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