things laying around…

things laying around

Just some things laying at our dining table… For your info… hair pins from H&M, sticker art from Mike73, you can follow his work at Instagram. On the Run Markers, a card with old ladies in bathing suits, which I really have to post, bought at the HEMA (one of my favorite Dutch stores), a red/white striped paper bag with printed sticker, which was filled with a balloon and confetti from petit HOOD a very nice on-line webshop and last but not least the letter M key chain, bought at Kidrobot in New York a long time ago. Can’t remember the artist name. xoxo Mrs. Jess

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3 Responses to things laying around…

  1. Dineke says:

    Nice idea.👍

  2. I recognize some of the things here lol…funny idea though

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