inspiration 4 pastel colors
  • An illustration I found on etsy a long time ago. 
  • Sock the Fox & Suzette the Fox from Blabla.
  • Show stopper blazer made by the woman behind the blog Cirque Du Bebe.
  • Bubblegum necklace by Bjor.
  • Pink heart shaped cookie by Paulina Astorg.
  • via Zara.
  • Sonny Angels version 5. A true hype in Japan. You can buy them at psikhouvanjou. Which is one of my favourite online kids stores.
  • Big mug with pink apple designed by Koloni Stockholm. Buy here.
  • Illustration “Love is Free” by Paula Mills
  • Necklace made out of yellow pencil parts designed by Iris Tsante.
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10 Responses to INSPIRATION // 4

  1. Marja Kroon says:

    Jou tijd gaat nog komen . Straks is alles roze.

  2. myemya says:

    All the illustrations are nice, in two worlds very nice, 😉

  3. Dineke says:

    I 💚 it.

  4. blijf zo doorgaan dames

  5. Hi – this looks great! Would you mind if I re blogged it on my blog?

    Thanks – Paula Mills

  6. Love this pastel inspiration ❤

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