postcard made of an illustration taken out of Flow magazine

W**k 2
wish “to do” list:
– find recipes for next weeks dinner, an ongoing project 
– HandMade #1: quilt Kika, collecting fabrics
– finish card #2
– ironing from last week & laundry
– search for tiles on the net
– picking up night dresser, part 2
– picking up a bed
– buy paint for the new bed
– painting the bed myself
– figuring out wordpress…now trying to figure out how to change the look of our theme and
how to get rid off the tags listed below the posts
– go to the gym at least 3 times a week
– wear a dress/skirt on Friday…good idea Mrs. Dee:)
– get more organized @home… it’s a good reminder, hopefully it’s helps this year
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1 Response to 2/52*Jess

  1. Dineke says:

    I love your postcard.

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